Posted August 7, 2017

Important Stuff

Posted December 14, 2017

Hello, everyone.

As some of you know, some videos are currently down & the site has become slower as in load speed.

Starting from today, we’ll work extra hours in order to replace the broken videos.


This has been stopping us from adding your request ( We have a really long list ATM)

The site becoming slower is due to having more website users than we expected, our website’s hosting won’t able to maintain a good speed if we have more members than we expect. We need to upgrade the hosting in order to maintain the website loading speed as fast as possible, the problem is the more users we get the more people uses adblock, currently only 10% of our users doesn’t use adblock in our site. At this rate we’ll close the website and keep it private only for those who won’t use adblock. (Better lose visitors who use adblock, which we don’t earn money from and save bandwidth, than wasting tons of bandwidth for the adblock-vistors.)
We don’t like ads either, ads can be a pain, but they are our only way to maintain the server. Your patience is highly appreciated and we hope our service can be worth it.

We want to thank the people who support us.