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Posted December 14, 2017


Posted August 7, 2017

Hey guys,

Lots to talk announce and lots to discuss. Hope you guys are enjoying the website. ¬†Even though it may not seem like we have been listening to you, we hear all of you and include all of your feedback in our plans. We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to bring some very important updates to the website, and this will happen ’cause of everyone’s help.

  • Registered users can now select their favorite content. These favorite content will appear in your profile, you can get to your profile at the top- right of your front page with an user icon clearly visible.


  • We’re also currently trying to upgrade our video servers in order to make it as smooth and fast as possible.


  • Also, trying to upgrade our tools to make video encoding faster 5 – 10 Mins ( Current time is 30 mins) Which would be faster for you to enjoy your favorite content.


Currently our traffic isn’t that high, which is why we can’t afford new tools. We’ll remain completely free for everyone. The only thing we could ask for is to share our site as much as you can! That’d be greatly appreciated.