Matching! Boys Archery

Matching! Boys Archery

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Where does an aspiring webtoon artist find her inspiration?

Hong Shi Ah (Kei) wants to become a successful webtoon artist but is stumped for good material for her comics. When she stumbles upon the Boys Archery Club, she is mesmerized by all the good-looking boys who belong to the club. She decides to join the club as the team manager to find inspiration for her work, only to become entangled with two of its members, Joo Seung Joon (Baek Chul Min) and Yoo Ji Wan (Seo Ji Hoon).

Will Shi Ah find the inspiration for her webtoons or will the plan backfire on her?

“Matching! Boys Archery” is a 2016 South Korean web drama series.

TV Status: Finished

First air date: 2017-05-21

Genres: ,


Episode runtime: 15 min

Starring: , ,